(Mangot, Manga, Mangou, Aam, Amba)

The mango tree is well known for its sweet, luscious fruit that is eaten raw or cooked and is used in many delicious applications such as desserts, tropical drinks, jellies, chutneys, and salsas. The mango is often called the apple (or peach) of the tropics, and is one of the most commonly eaten fruits in tropical countries around the world.

The flesh of a mango is peach-like and juicy, with more or less numerous fibers radiating from the husk of the single large kidney-shaped seed. The flavor is pleasant and rich and high in sugars and acid. The quality of the fruit is based on the scarcity of fiber and minimal turpentine taste. The fruit will have the best flavor if allowed to ripen on the tree.

Mango is found in numerous varieties in locations all around the world. Each variety has specific traits such as hardiness, color, flavour, and amount of fiber. In addition to the natural differences in each variety, relocation of many varieties has led to even more differences within a specific variety based on geographic location.

One such variety is Alphonso (Alphonso, Hapoos) mango, considered to be the best mango in the world because of its deep orange color, minimal fiber, and superb flavor. Alphonso mango was originally found only in the Ratnagiri district on the west coast of India, south of Bombay. Because of the Ghat Mountain Range, this area was very difficult to reach, and until the last century or so, Alphonso mango was unknown to most of the world. Once traders discovered the deep orange-coloured mango with marvellous flavor, it was not long before they began reseeding Alphonso mango in other areas of India. Although they were able to produce Alphonso mango in other parts of India, they were never able to duplicate the superb flavor of the Alphonso mango produced within the Ratnagiri district. Even today, this is known as the most exceptional mango in the world.

At Spectrum, we ensure that our Alphonso mango comes only from the Ratnagiri district. We use this mango for single-strength puree and individually quick frozen (IQF) products using state of the art processing methods to preserve the delicate flavor of the fruit.

We also carry many other varieties of mango. Totapuri mango from India is the most widely traded mango in the world. Ataulfo, Kent, Manila, and Tommy Atkins are all mango varieties found in Central America. Each variety has its own unique characteristics. We can help you find the one that is best for your application.