Bases contain the purees and juices of various fruits and vegetables.  Most of our bases are tailored to meet the buyer’s interest or request, to meet a market preference for certain components, or to meet a price point. A made-to-order base might look like any of the examples listed below. Contact Us with information on your formulation desires.

Clear Fruit Base
Clear Fruit Base – Pineapple is a de-flavored, de-colored, de-pulped product from which acid is reduced using a series of resin beds. Soluble and insoluble solids derived from the trimmings of sound, ripe, and graded pineapples are first treated with physical processes to remove the insoluble solids and produce a clarified extract. The extract is then sent through ion-exchange columns, resulting in an acid-reduced product. The resulting 100% fruit sugar extract is concentrated to 72º Brix syrup and packed aseptically. It contains no additives.