The message is simple: Science is fun and science is for everyone!

With this message in mind, the Young Scientist Roundtable (YSR) was established way back in 1992, by Dr. Vinod Padhye, a food scientist, originally from India, now a US citizen based in Maple Grove & then a parent volunteer. He was ably supported by Charlene Barghini, Lesli Hanson & Loni Gradick; all science enthusiasts and passionate about promoting science at an early age.

In the past 25 years, YSR has helped thousands of students in and around the Twin Cities in recognizing that science can be applied to better our lives, and that science makes for a great career opportunity as well.

In doing so, the YSR has played an actively supportive role to the schools in twin cities by taking science to students in a fun-filled, inspirational environment, through highly qualified, motivated and illustrious scientists, researchers and professors.

The YSR is committed to enabling school students to develop a sustainable interest in science and its applications.

For more information, you can Visit YSR