Pear is a temperate-climate fruit, grown in many locations around the world. Pear is typically narrow at the stalk and wider toward the base has yellowish or brownish green colors with sweet and slightly gritty flesh. It is similar to the apple in that both are pome fruits.  Pome fruits are those that have a distinct seeded core.  Pears are seldom left to ripen on the tree.  As pears ripen, the starch converts to sugar, causing them to become softer, juicier, and sweeter. They contain copper, iron, potassium, manganese, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin K, and B-vitamins. They can be eaten fresh, but also popularly used in desserts, appetizers and salad.



Product:             Pear

Storage:             Frozen

Format:              Clarified Juice Concentrate at 70º Brix, Puree

Package:           Pail or Drum

Note:                  Products are produced using HACCP in a US FDA-registered plant, kosher- certified, and GMO-free.

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