Red Sour Cherry


The cherry fruits of commerce usually are obtained from cultivars of a limited number of species such as the sweet cherry (Prunus avium) and the sour cherry (Prunus cerasus).

Sour cherries are bright red to yellow, usually too tart to eat raw, they are smaller than their sweet cousins, and more globular in shape. They are a good source fiber, rich in antioxidant and also contain melatonin. Sour cherries are typically not consumed fresh, but they are great as dried fruits as well as when they are used in baking for most desserts.



Product:             Red Sour Cherry

Storage:             Frozen

Format:              Puree

Package:           Pail or Drum

Note:                  products are produced using HACCP in a US FDA-registered plant, kosher- certified, and GMO-free.

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