Specialty Processed Fruits: Spectrum Fruits delivers fruit ingredients – standard as well as niche. We specialize in the entire range of  Prickly Pear and Nopal Cactus products where we market juices, purées, concentrates, powders, fibers and essences. Spectrum Fruits’ other core products comprise of premium quality Alphonso Mango Purée, FDA-approved Tamarind Concentrate, Guava Purées, Pineapple Products and Clear Fruit Base™ made from pineapple as replacement for high fructose corn syrup.


One-Stop Fruit Shop: Spectrum Fruits offers the convenience of countless products from around the world. Many of the ingredients are warehoused in L.A. and Yakima Valley. With thirty years in business, we have the relationships with fruit and vegetable growers and processors to procure what is needed for a wide range of food and beverage applications.


Technical Expertise & Innovation: Spectrum Fruits is owned and operated by food scientists with a history of technological advancements. We offer product development services in addition to our commitment to supply the right ingredient for a given application.


Customer Service: Whether your need is container quantities or 5-gallon pails, custom-blending or R&D, Spectrum Fruits has the ingredients, knowledge, facilities and connections to help get your product to market. We deliver fruit blends tailored to specific application. Core Products as well as Domestic Ingredients are available without minimum quantity requirements.

Spectrum Fruits, Inc.